Remember when we were kids and it seemed we could sleep in any position, most anywhere, and get a good night’s sleep?  But as we got bigger and slept with our arm or wrist under our head (side position), or arms under our body (face down position) our arms, wrists or fingers would become achy or “fall asleep”.  These same circulation issues also occur when we put one leg or ankle over the other.  And so, we adapted awkward sleep postures spawning a variety of sleep disorders.

Our SlumberSleeve® sleeve pillow is a first of its kind comfort device (patent 7,426,764) designed to prevent that numbness or achy feeling and enhance circulation.  Since our sleeve pillow is worn over your arm, wrist, leg or ankle, it moves with you and you can change sleep positions naturally - and sleep like a kid again.

"Now when I sleep on my side, my arms don't fall asleep or become achy."

"I use it under my favorite pillow or by itself."

works on upper and lower arms, wrists, ankles and knees